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THE WRITER’S HOTEL & The Writer’s Hotel Reading Series 2014


The Writer’s Hotel Master Class in Fiction & Nonfiction is truly “a new kind of writing program,” as the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) noted in a recent article. The Writer’s Hotel is the editorial and teaching arm of the print journal, The New Guard literary review.

The Writer’s Hotel Master Class is set up as a floating campus in Midtown Manhattan between three writer’s hotels, The Algonquin Hotel, Library Hotel and The Bryant Park Hotel. TWH 2014 Workshop Leaders are Richard Hoffman, Scott Wolven, Elyssa East and Shanna McNair, the Founder of both The Writer’s Hotel and The New Guard.
Along with Master Class workshops on craft, meetings with agents and editors and lectures and seminars, The Writer’s Hotel (TWH) hosts literary events, including a series called “The Writer’s Hotel Reading Series 2014,” a reading series specially curated for the current Master Class. Participants and program faculty read their own original work at NYC venues during session. 2014 Faculty readings will be held at The Half King and Kinokuniya. 2014 Master Class participant venues are KGB Bar Lit’s Red Room, Cornelia Street Cafe, The EAR Inn via The New York Poetry Society and Book Culture.

Other 2014 events include a guided game of “Wink, Murder,” a game made popular by NYC’s so called “Vicious Circle,” at The Algonquin Hotel and walking tours, guided by The New York Public Library staff, Greenwich Pub Crawl and the Dorothy Parker Society. The local NYC nonprofit, Literary Manhattan, is working to help coordinate some literary events.
The Writer’s Hotel Master Class in Fiction & Nonfiction, 2014 is sponsored in part by The Kirby Family Foundation in cooperation with Creative Portland Corporation. Bottles of Dorothy Parker Gin have been donated by New York Distilling Company for the Wink, Murder event.

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New Academic Titles

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Q & A with Stephanie Del Rosso

1. What are you currently reading?
I’m a little late to the party, but Franzen’s The Corrections. Also, some friends and I dug up Mac Wellman’s Brooklyn College reading syllabus and are trying to plow through all of it. We just finished the Romans.

2. Why did you choose to pair Mixtape with Adiche’s Americanah?
Only because Americanah felt theatrical to me. It had been a while since I’d read a book both so gorgeous and upsetting, with a protagonist who makes you complicit in every narrative turn.

3. Are there standard titles or writers you like to recommend, either within or outside of your field?
In no particular order: God’s Ear by Jenny Schwartz, Gnit by Will Eno, Women Laughing Alone With Salad by Sheila Callaghan, The Brothers Size by Tarrell Alvin McCraney, The Flick by Annie Baker, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee. I also love the way Joan Didion talks about sauerkraut in “On Keeping a Notebook.”

4. Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to the publication of?
The new Marilynne Robinson and the chapbook that 826 is releasing by the students I teach poetry to at Bronx Leadership II.

5. What’s next? Any upcoming projects in the works that you can tell us about?
I’m in my good friend’s short play turned short film “They Have These Really Cool Bike Planters” this coming June. I’m also working on a 10-minute about a relationship in reverse and a new full-length loosely based on snail mail, prison, and kids.

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You’re invited to Norman Finkelstein’s book launch party!


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Ellen Steinbaum & Joelle Sander Poetry Reading

Join us on Tuesday, April 29th at 7pm to see Ellen Steinbaum and Joelle Sander reading from their newest poetry collections, Brightness Falls and Margins of Light.

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Ellen Steinbaum is the author of two previous poetry collections, Afterwords and Container Gardening, and a one-person play, CenterPiece. She grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A former literary columnist for the Boston Globe, she now writes a blog, Reading and Writing and the Occasional Recipe, which readers can find at her website.

Joelle Sander became a painter after being a successful writer for over three decades. Publishing in newspapers, magazines, poetry journals, and scholarly books, she also wrote a prize winning book, Before Their Time: Four Generations of Teenage Mothers. It was awarded Best Adult book about Children (1991-1992) by the Anti-Defamation League’s Braun Center for Holocaust Studies.


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East Global Geopolitics Magazine Party at Book Culture

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Small Press Spotlight :: Belladonna*


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Belladonna* Press is a volunteer based poetry collective located in Brooklyn New York. In 1999 Rachel Levitsky founded the press after the success of a salon style reading series that grew out of Bluestockings’s Women’s Bookstore on the Lower East Side. By 2000 the collective was publishing ‘chaplets’ of the readers’ work from the series.

Belladonna* works to promote an inclusive literary community focusing on women writers exploring unpredictable, multifaceted, fun and experimental poetry, prose and other hybrid forms. The works published with Belladonna* cross boundaries and question the binaries around gender, culture, and politics. These poets write from a subjective perspective that is both performative and conscious.

The collective, being run on a volunteer basis, creates a tight knit community of individuals discussing similar political theories and ideas around creativity. The artists, whom are often volunteering for the press as well as being published under the name, often collaborate with outside institutions. Dixon Place has housed many Belladonna* events including readings and other literary performances. As a small independent organization, they work closely with local literary bookstores and other small presses like Futurepoem to promote and and collaborate on projects. As their community grows they spread the opportunity to get involved with the feminist, avant-garde questions around poetry.

Belladonna* publishes chapbooks as well as trade books, like Proxy and Mauve Sea-Orchids. They have worked with Eileen Myles, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Lydia Davis, and Rachel Levitsky. There is an urgency to the writing that comes out of Belladonna* that they create an impertive for the reader. Rachel Levitsky comments in an interview with Sinas Queyras for the Poetry Foundation called “Poetry as Event: Belladonna*,” “we promote this work because we want and need it and the writer who creates it.” These authors are creating change through their writing, by engaging with their language you are participating.

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