Call for Submissions: Table Talk

July 23, 2014 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

Our friends at Table Talk have put out a call for new submissions!

table talk


          Table Talk is a new kind of magazine that brings together people, both renowned and unknown, from different professions, countries, and contexts. Each issue focuses on a rarely discussed idea or experience that appears in all of our lives. By gathering voices from seemingly unrelated perspectives, speaking through different media, we hope to create a new space for intellectual exchange.
          The inaugural issue released this past May focused on duende, the Spanish word for a heightened state of emotion we often experience as shivers up and down our skin when we are moved by a powerful performance. Contributors ranged from the contemporary American philosopher Alphonso Lingis, to Jazra Khaleed, a Chechen-born poet and boxer living in Athens, from the Australian anthropologist Michael Taussig, to Chris Buczinsky, an Illinois-based children’s book author and illustrator. The first issue is now carried internationally in top bookstores and magazine shops in Berlin, Istanbul, London, and New York. Online, the magazine has been read in over 27 countries, from South Africa to Japan, Brazil to Bangladesh.
          Submissions are now open for the second issue, centered on the idea of dyno. In rock climbing one normally needs three points of stability to safely navigate an ascent. There are some moments, however, when the climber reaches an area that she cannot overcome using this particular approach and must instead let go of everything, leaping through mid-air in order to surpass the obstacle ahead. Climbers call this dyno, a dynamic move. This decision to surrender all comfort and risk everything for one’s goal is not restricted to rock climbing. From fishermen who venture into dangerous waters for the big catch, to poets who abandon the rules of convention and risk their reputations to create new styles of writing, this moment of dyno is an intriguing lens through which to look at perseverance, innovation, and creativity across professions and disciplines.
          Any form of writing (essays, fiction, poetry, interviews, recipes, etc.) or visual art and media (photography, paintings, films, documentaries, etc.) that approaches the theme in innovative and accessible ways is open for consideration. Dyno can be explored directly or used as an underlying theme for the piece. Written submissions should be limited to 2,000 words, visual submissions 8 images, and video submissions 10 minutes. Any selected films will be featured in the print magazine as a QR code that links to the video on the website. Previously published submissions will not be accepted. Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as we are immediately notified upon acceptance to a different publication.
          All submissions are due by September 16th, 2014.Please submit via this link: and address any queries or thoughts to:
          Issue II set to release early November.


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