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As far as independent publishing companies go, Two Dollar Radio has some interesting and seemingly too simple to work ideas. Basically, with the takeover of corporate publishing conglomerates, there is a push to produce texts that sell, this often means putting them into digital formats and other terrifying concepts. This compromises the artistry of literature which is often pushed into the background. Two Dollar Radio wants to bring the craft of writing back to their reader’s attention. They use the slogan, “Books too loud to ignore” for a reason; not only are the books they publish loud in content, they are books that restore the literary spirit that was once so strong in the publishing industry.

Two Dollar Radio Movement was started in Ohio 2005 and named after something a clever drunk man said at a bar in San Diego: “Don’t mind me, I make more noise than a two dollar radio.” By adding “Movement” to their name the founders, Eric Obenauf and Eliza Jane Wood, with Brian Obenauf, meant to leave the door open for their company to also explore other medias like music and film. Andre Schiffrin’s book The Business of Books was part in the idea of creating the company. The books documents the changes in publishing from small houses to the large conglomerates from an insider’s account. The Business of Books mentions that publishing houses would often put ideas and new concepts before making an immediate profit. This is something that Two Dollar Radio made a priority for their publishing house.9781937512026

A close friend and customer to the store, Jay Neugeboren, has published a number of novels with Two Dollar Radio. One of his recent books is The Other Side of the World which is episodic and far-reaching. The story travels through foreign and domestic places, Brooklyn to Borneo, and navigates the reader through pain, struggle, and adventure. Two Dollar Radio prides itself on novels like The Other Side of the World and A Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims. They enact the relentlessness of life, making their readers gather enough courage to wake up in a world unfamiliar and exciting. These are books that have big ideas, loud mouths, and a presence that will not soon be forgotten.


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