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Book Culture on 112th street is hosting many different events in the next few weeks.

  1. Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm Nassim Nicholas Taleb is holding a book party. Taleb’sImage newest books Antifragile will be the centerpiece of this books party. Antifragile investigates the idea of uncertainty, and how some situations benefit from chaos and confusion. Taleb explores different aspects of our societal norms, as well as taking into account the opinions of people throughout the social spectrum. Nassim Taleb examines every part of our world, offering interesting insight and perspectives on all of the issues.
  2. Sharon Dolin and Peter Covino offer their insights into life, love, and writing, on Thursday, February 28th at 7pm. These poets are coming prepared to discuss their process of writing, what inspires them, and how they think about ethical issues in their writing. Both Sharon and Peter will be referencing their work.Image
  3. A discussion on Toni Morrison will be hosted by Yvette Christiansë, and featuring Monica Miller, Associate Professor of English and Barnard College, and Brent Edwards Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Yvette Christiansë will be referencing her new book Toni Morrison: An Ethical Poetics.
  4. Juliann Garey will be reading from her novel, Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See, on  Monday, March 4th. This is Garey’s Imagefirst novel, and we are excited to hear her Hollywood story.
  5. On Wednesday, March 6th, Jesse Weaver Shipley will explain and discuss his studies into Ghana’s hiplife culture and his book Living the Hiplife: Celebrity and Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music. Shipley will be talking about Ghana’s music culture, and the studies that he used to inform the content of the book. He uses his examination into hiplife to explore the broader cultural and political shifts in Ghana.

There will be more events coming up, so be sure to check out events page to keep up to date with who’s making an appearance.


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